Buonanotte Florence

Florence is lovely, with lots to cram in if you only have a short stay. A must is the Duomo which is huge and magnificently created.


Take a walk inside and see the art work in the top of the dome. If you’re not afraid of heights and want to get closer you can pay 15 euros and go up and walk right next to the paintings in the cupola itself!


Ponte Vecchio Bridge was an interesting bridge, full with jewellery shops, padlocks and great views of the river.


When we arrived we were told you can walk anywhere in Florence, technically true but after walking for hours your feet will be weary and you will be in need of a well-earned beverage stop. There are cute little squares which have a mixture of Irish bar, pizzeria’s and market stalls.

Head up to the Piazzale Michelangelo for spectacular views of the city, get the number 12 bus from the train station to save your feet.IMG_0121IMG_0090

Stop and take in the surroundings, plus the man with a Pram of dogs!

Keep your eyes out for the unusual road signs.


Listen and take in the musical bell tower!

Making our way home we were looking for a spot for food, we were spoilt for choice. We stopped, had bruschetta, carbonara, and a bottle of Chianti!

Buonanotte Florence. 


UK- based writer who is happiest when combining her two loves: travel & gin.



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