Beauty & the Beast!

Beauty & the Beast

Have you ever thought where do I start with Gin or are you a Gin connoisseur? A Gin delivery is perfect for all Gin beginners and all you Gin lovers out there! £14 first payment, then £9 per month delivered to your door, 4 Gin & Tonic’s to sample at your own leisure. It was so exciting to receive my first delivery in the post and even more so for my taste buds to enjoy!

Gin box

Beauty – 6 O’ Clock Gin (When the time is ripe)


Hand-picked British damsons and a moderate amount of sugar, the fruits combine with the smoothness of the gin to give an intense fruity dryness. This Gin is created by a small family-run business back in 2010. Bramley & Gage started experimenting around 30 years ago and thank goodness they did, it is a true delight.

Smell: Cinnamony

Taste: Sweet, plum, berry like flavour

Luscombe Tonic: Good

The Luscombe story started a very long time ago, almost when dinosaurs were drinking Gin. Since 1087 the cider makers have been harvesting the fruits of Luscombe’s orchards. The drinks are free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers. Luscombe Drinks have used fruits of the estate’s producing the perfect drink since 1975.

Rating: 5/5

The Beast – Tiger Gin (the cat’s whiskers)

Tiger gin

Hand crafted in Shropshire by artisan master distillers, using traditional methods in a copperpot with the best quality grain alcohol and pure English water. Hand crafted by artisan master distillers, with the best quality grain alcohol and pure English water. Tiger Gin has lots of ingredients, it states to be the great British Gin but ingredients are sourced from all around the globe.

Taste: Soft notes almost candy floss like, followed by bitterness from the Grapefruit Luscombe Tonic.

Tonic: Good

Rating: 3.5/5


I loved the Beauty as I have more of a love for flavoured Gin’s, when growing up my Granny used to make Damson Gin. The Tiger Gin was lovely and would happily try again but with a plain tonic. I am very fussy about Tonic, as I don’t enjoy the bitterness of Tonic but I do love to try and educate myself on what is good or not. All our taste buds are different but I can tell you about the tastes & smells/aromas so you can make your own informed choices based on my information.

UK- based writer who is happiest when combining her two loves: travel & gin.




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